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The unemployment rate for people with disabilities was 8.6%, according to 2006 statistics, versus the Canadian average of 6.3%. Overall, 8.5% more men with disabilities are settling for part-time work because they cannot find full-time employment, compared to adult men without disabilities who are working part-time hours, according to a 2012 CRHC report. Proportionately, 6.5% more women with disabilities work part-time but want to work full-time

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Hi my name is Lorne,
I have spent many years learning and gaining experiencing in working with children and youth with special needs. I went to Seneca College and studied Behavioral Science Technology where I learnt how to utilize Applied Behavioral Analysis and best practices to support my work with individuals with disabilities. I have worked with children and youth with special needs in educational settings and recreational environments. My work experience at an education center where I spent many years writing, implementing and adapting activities for all abilities; this is where my interest, dedication and commitment to supporting individuals with disabilities stemmed from. I saw first hand daily how important it was for young adults to be taught skills to be independent, be a part of their community and be able to achieve their goals and vision for their life. That is why at Ruddy's Place our vision and commitment is to supporting individuals with disabilities achieve their goals of independence and support them in ensuring in inclusion in the community.


Hi my name is Erin,
I have been working with children, youth and families with special needs for 10 years. I was trained as a behavioral therapist and recently have obtained my Masters in Counseling Psychology. Some of my past work experiences have included working as a supervisor at a respite facility, a behavioral consultant, behavioral therapist, as well as a service navigator for families with children with special needs. I run the family support programs at Ruddy's Place. I fell in love with the working with individuals with special needs when I was sixteen years old doing a high school co op at a children’s rehabilitation facility. I immediately knew this was where I was meant to be working. I found helping individuals communicate, seeing their strengths and development and supporting the community in inclusion was a passion of mine. Since then while working in various environments and with individuals with special needs my focus has been directed towards family support I have seen how important it is for individuals with special needs, parents and siblings to have a place to discuss their challenges and celebrate their successes. I enjoy helping families communicate with each other in more positive and effective ways, as well as supporting families in adapting to a diagnosis, as well as working on individual and family strategies to promote healthy self esteem and resiliency. In all my work I utilize Applied Behavioral Analysis and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles. I am patient, empathetic, dedicated and enthusiastic. I ensure a safe space for you and your family.

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