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The unemployment rate for people with disabilities was 8.6%, according to 2006 statistics, versus the Canadian average of 6.3%. Overall, 8.5% more men with disabilities are settling for part-time work because they cannot find full-time employment, compared to adult men without disabilities who are working part-time hours, according to a 2012 CRHC report. Proportionately, 6.5% more women with disabilities work part-time but want to work full-time

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Family Support Services

Ruddy’s Place offers support for families who have children with special needs. Family support helps families adjust and adapt to having a child with a diagnosis. It can help families work on communication strategies, behavioral strategies, accessing resources, creating structure and positive support for the whole family. Family support works on helping families find their unique strengths and work at building their communication and understanding towards each other to encourage family problem solving and resiliency. Family support services is done through various counselling techniques such as motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy principles to play based therapeutic games sessions are designed based on families needs and goals.

One on One Therapy for Children and Youth

One on One therapeutic support for children and youth with special needs works on social skills, anxiety, impulse control, focus, and stress management. It can help children or youth through such challenges as anxiety at school due to having challenges with social skills, low confidence or self esteem, getting in trouble at home or at school due to impulse control or hyperactivity or stress from transitioning out of high school to employment. I work with children through play based motivating activities as well as always using a strength based approach. We set goals and track achievements utilizing Applied Behavioral Analysis Principles as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles.

Behavior Consultation/Parent Coaching

Behavior Consultation services work with children and youth who are having behavior challenges that are impeding their daily life such as at home or school. Observations of the child or youth are done multiple times in different environments. Parents and the child share their concerns about why the behavior is happening. From that we sit down as a team with the parents and child and give recommendations and strategies on how to prevent these behaviors as well as recommendations on how to teach the child alternative ways to communicate there wants and needs. A behavior is chosen for this program and we set a goal and create a plan to change the behavior we track the goal and progress through a holistic approach that identifies strengths, interests, and needs as well as utilizing applied behavioral analysis principles. A report is developed that can be tailored for the specific environment the child is in such as school, camp, childcare etc. so that everyone can work together on these recommendations and strategies.

Children and Youth Groups

Throughout the year there will be various groups for children and youth with special needs to participate in to work on certain challenges such as anxiety, anger management or social skills. These groups will be twelve weeks in length running weekly We will run different groups based on age and interest. Groups will utilize cognitive behavior therapy principles, as well as creative and expressive arts. Group formats can be a great way for kids to learn there not a lone in some of there feelings that can come with having a special need. Meeting other children who are experiencing similar things can help break down some of those feelings of isolation. The formats are meant to be fun and engaging and encourage children and youth to challenge their anxiety, try out different social skills strategies and have fun while we do it!